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From Dream Homes to Real Success: Rigen Baido's Journey with Webryday


Embark on a captivating case study featuring Rigen Baido, a dedicated real estate property salesperson who transformed his business with the help of Webryday. Discover how Rigen utilized our website builder and business tools to elevate his online visibility, run targeted Google and Facebook ads, and turn his website into a powerful landing page. Witness how his strategic approach resulted in attracting more clients and achieving real success in the competitive real estate market.

Client Profile:

Name: Rigen Baido

Profession: Real Estate Property Salesperson

Website: https://www.ph1property.com


Rigen Baido faced the challenge of standing out in the crowded real estate market and connecting with potential clients searching for their dream homes and condominiums. He needed a comprehensive online solution to showcase his property listings effectively, boost his online visibility, and attract qualified leads.


Webryday became Rigen's strategic partner, providing him with the necessary tools to establish a compelling online presence. Using our user-friendly website builder, Rigen created a visually stunning website that showcased his property listings, highlighting their unique features and captivating visuals. With our integrated business tools, Rigen seamlessly incorporated lead capture forms, allowing visitors to express their interest in properties directly on the website.

Moreover, Webryday empowered Rigen to leverage the power of digital advertising. He utilized our platform to run targeted Google and Facebook ads, directing potential clients to his website. Rigen strategically optimized his website to serve as a landing page for these ads, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience for visitors.


By leveraging Webryday's comprehensive features, Rigen experienced a significant impact on his real estate business. His website became a powerful tool for attracting more clients and generating qualified leads. The enhanced online visibility, coupled with targeted advertising campaigns, resulted in increased traffic to his website, leading to higher inquiries and conversions.

The intuitive lead capture forms allowed Rigen to capture valuable client information and nurture leads effectively. This streamlined approach enhanced his client communication and relationship management, resulting in higher client satisfaction and increased referrals.

Rigen's success story is reflected in the measurable outcomes he achieved. His website's analytics showcased a remarkable increase in website traffic, improved engagement metrics, and higher conversion rates. Rigen's real estate business flourished, establishing him as a trusted name in the industry and unlocking new growth opportunities.


Rigen Baido's success story is a testament to the transformative power of Webryday for real estate professionals. By leveraging our website builder, digital advertising tools, and lead capture functionalities, Rigen elevated his online presence, attracted more clients, and achieved real success in the competitive real estate market. Experience the power of Webryday and unlock your potential for success in the world of real estate.