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Reviving Luxury: How Pintado Custom Transformed Their Business with Webryday


Discover the inspiring success story of Anthony Bautista, the visionary business owner behind Pintado Custom. This captivating case study highlights how Pintado Custom, a specialist in restoring and re-gluing preloved signature designer shoes and bags, experienced a remarkable business transformation with the help of Webryday. Explore how Anthony utilized our website builder and business tools to enhance his online presence, attract new customers, and elevate his business to new heights.

Client Profile:

Name: Anthony Bautista

Business: Pintado Custom

Industry: Luxury Restoration and Re-Gluing Services

Website: https://pintadocustom.com


Before partnering with Webryday, Pintado Custom faced the challenge of limited online visibility, struggling to reach their target audience and expand their customer base. With the intricate art of luxury restoration, Anthony needed a platform that would showcase the expertise and craftsmanship of Pintado Custom, enticing luxury brand enthusiasts to trust their precious possessions to his meticulous hands.


Webryday's powerful website builder became the catalyst for Pintado Custom's success story. Anthony utilized our intuitive tools to create a visually stunning website that captured the essence of luxury and craftsmanship. From captivating image galleries showcasing before-and-after transformations to engaging content that educated visitors about the restoration process, Pintado Custom's website became a digital haven for luxury brand lovers seeking to revive their cherished items.


With their new website powered by Webryday, Pintado Custom experienced a significant boost in their online presence and customer engagement. The website's seamless user experience and intuitive navigation guided visitors through the restoration process, instilling trust and confidence in Pintado Custom's expertise. The result was a surge in website traffic, a growing customer base, and an expansion of their service reach.

Furthermore, Pintado Custom's success story is exemplified by the measurable outcomes they achieved. With an optimized website, they witnessed a remarkable increase in inquiries and conversions, resulting in a substantial rise in revenue. Their online credibility skyrocketed, as evidenced by glowing customer testimonials and social media engagement.


Anthony Bautista's journey with Pintado Custom is a testament to the transformative power of Webryday. By harnessing the capabilities of our website builder and business tools, Pintado Custom achieved a remarkable business transformation. Their enhanced online presence, increased customer base, and measurable results solidify their position as a leading name in luxury restoration and re-gluing services. Experience the revival of luxury with Pintado Custom and witness the potential that Webryday holds for your own business success.